Meet the Grower - Walled Garden

Hidden within the quaint Somerset village of Charlton Musgrove there sits a 17th Century Walled Garden. Once used to feed and decorate the adjacent Roundhill Grange country estate, today, all the fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers grown here are sold in our Farm Shop, just a five-minute drive down the road.

We met with our gardener, Anna to discover the produce that’s growing in the Walled Garden and what she'll be sowing in the coming months.

How did you discover a love for gardening?

I have always dabbled in gardening and very much enjoy spending time in the outdoors. My husband and I have an allotment and we recently acquired two beehives. So, when I’m not looking after the produce in the Walled Garden, you can be sure to find me being green fingered at home!

What produce is currently in season here?

We have beetroot, peas, mangetout, mixed beans, kale, as well as ample cucumber and herbs. Agretti and lettuce also seems to be growing in abundance. Tomatoes are starting to make an appearance too but are a little slower this year, and that’s due to the harsh frost we’ve had.

What new produce is growing in the garden?

I have recently planted carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, aubergine and some rather pretty, edible violas. I will also be growing turnips, onions, spring onions and lots of lettuce. 

What makes the produce unique? 

We adopt a no-dig method of gardening and don't use any harmful pesticides. I think what also makes this place so special is that the soil here has been worked on for centuries and so, has a nice life to it. Alongside this, all of the produce we grow is handpicked and delivered to Durslade Farm Shop, less than 5 miles down the road. This really minimises our carbon footprint from garden to fork. Freshly picked fruit & veg In addition to this, some of the produce grown here is also used as key ingredients in a selection of the Farm Shop's handmade products. Whether it's the lavender in their hand poured Walled Garden candle, or the fig, lemon, thyme, comfrey and sweet fennel used in the bespoke Hog & Tallow soaps. Together, we are really showcasing the very best local produce to our community.