Supplier Spotlight - Harth

We spoke with Rebecca and Richard to discover more more about this wonderful Bath-based artisan chocolate brand and the sustainable processes they adopt.

What was the inspiration behind the brand name?

Harth is an old English spelling of Hearth, which for us summed up the warm and comforting feeling that hot chocolate and truffles can give you.

What prompted you to set up the business?

Harth was an extension of a strong collaboration between Richard and I on Oak Restaurant. When we went into lockdown and the restaurant closed we decided to focus all of our creative energy on a range of chocolates and hot chocolate for small shops.

What sustainable practices do you adopt? 

We tend to think plastic is a lazy and ugly packaging option and not in line with our environmental brand values. By committing to plastic free packaging we have had to become a lot more creative with our design, looking at fabric and paper options which can be both reusable and recyclable. 

Where do you source your cocoa beans from? 

We source our beans from various growers depending on the flavour profile we are
looking for. All of our beans come from fairtrade growers and we always use organic where possible.

How do you make your product?

We do everything in Harth on a small artisanal scale, most of it by hand, from decorating and filling the truffles to mixing the hot chocolate and putting everything into bags. It gives you a feeling for what to make, you know when you’ve got it just right, when everything is just so.

What inspires the flavours of your products?

Our flavours are inspired from our natural surroundings and day to day seasonal  situations. Winter Solstice hot chocolate is a great example of flavours working to encapsulate a specific time of year in England.

What have you enjoyed making most for us?

We loved working on the Durslade Walled Garden collection, we are particularly proud of the fig leaf truffles.  

You can discover more about Harth with our first supplier Saturday of the year on 5 February, where you'll be able to try out their delicious hot chocolates, served from their converted 1963 French Citroen cattle truck. The Farm Shop will also be stocked with a selection of their handmade chocolates, the perfect treat for loved ones this Valentine’s. 

Harth Chocolate