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Côte de Boeuf


The Côte de Boeuf, sometimes called the Rib of Beef, is arguably the most impressive cut of beef available. Ours, with is distinctive marbling, and expert farming, is the perfect centrepiece for any celebration. Available in single rib for 2 people, up to a roasting joint 5 ribs for 10+ guests, this piece of beef speaks for itself. 

- Expertly reared on our own Durslade Farm 
- Rich in flavour with marbling throughout for a succulent texture


Delivery is £5.95 for standard delivery and £9.50 for Saturday delivery. 

To guarantee Saturday delivery, orders should be placed before 9am on Friday.

Our chilled items are packed using environmentally friendly Woolcool and biodegradable ice packs.   

From time to time delivery may take an additional day due to seasonal variations or volume. If you are ordering for a gift or a dinner party we advise to always allow an extra 24 hours. 

It is important that all meat products should be refrigerated as soon as you open your consignment.

Product Details

100% dry aged British beef

What does Côte de bœuf mean?

The term ‘Côte de bœuf’ is French and translates to ‘rib of beef’ which is why you’ll sometimes see this term used in its place. In the UK restaurant scene it’s often referred to as a Tomahawk steak. It’s popular due to it’s rich and deep flavour, tenderness and marbling.

What cut is Côte de bœuf?

The côte de bœuf is a cut taken between the chuck and loin sections of the beef, the rib primal cut. It’s a thick slice of ribeye roast, including the bone which adds extra flavour and juiciness during cooking.

How to cook a côte de bœuf

The best cooking technique varies on the amount of ribs purchased. Whichever weight you have bought, we always recommend taking your meat out of the fridge prior to cooking with enough time for it to get to room temperature prior to cooking, this results in a juicier end result.

The Côte de bœuf suits grilling, roasting and frying but regardless of your favoured technique ensure you leave time to rest the meat after cooking to let the meat relax and enhance the texture. To bring out the natural flavour further, why not try our dry beef rub?

What size should I order?

- 1 rib / 800g serves 2
  2 ribs / 1.8kg serves 4-5
  3 ribs / 2.8kg serves 6
  4 ribs / 3.8kg serves 8
  5 ribs / 5kg serves 10+

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