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Alex Pole Steel Skillet


Designed by Somerset artisan Alex Pole, these beautiful skillets are made from hand spun carbon, finished with hand forged handles and copper rivets. 

They are perfect size for oven cooking, or get adventurous and cook on an open fire. 

Raw steel pans are fantastic to cook with as they have no chemical or industrial coatings and as such are better for both the environment and for you.

The hand spinning process makes the pans very smooth and naturally non-stick, but they do require frequent re-seasoning to maintain their surface. 

Due to their handmade nature there may be natural marks and scratches that occur during the making process. This in no way affects their beauty and function.

Can be used with induction, gas, electric, open fire or in the oven. 

Delivery is £5.95 for standard delivery and £9.50 for Saturday delivery. 

To guarantee Saturday delivery, orders should be placed before 9am on Friday.

Our chilled items are packed using environmentally friendly Woolcool and biodegradable ice packs.   

From time to time delivery may take an additional day due to seasonal variations or volume. If you are ordering for a gift or a dinner party we advise to always allow an extra 24 hours. 

It is important that all meat products should be refrigerated as soon as you open your consignment.

Product Details

Skillet dimensions

8" skillet

Total width: 22.5 cm
Skillet width: 20 cm 
Skillet depth: 5 cm

11" skillet 

Total width: 30 cm
Skillet width: 27.5 cm
Skillet depth : 5 cm

Care instructions

Forge Kitchenware pans and skillets are spun from raw steel, pre-seasoned with rapeseed oil and baked at around 400 degrees to give a sealed finish. This makes the pans ready to cook. However, for best results we advise regular re-seasoning, especially after the first few times of use. 

The colour of the skillet will change from the blue/grey when is arrives too much darker red/brown and even black - this is completely normal and is reflecting the build up of seasoning. Cooking some foods (especially acidic produce like tomatoes) can remove some of the seasoning, this may result in a pale silver finish but the seasoning can be easily re-applied.

The skillets are all spun by hand and as such can pick up scratches and tooling marks during this highly skilled process. This does not effect the skillet. 

Pan seasoning tips 

  • Wash in hot water and dry thoroughly.
  • Cover with a very thin coating of oil using a cloth (cotton is best).
  • Place the skillet in the oven at a medium temperature for 30 mins.
  • Turn the temperature up to maximum and bake skillet for 60 mins.
  • Remove skillet (careful - it will be hot!) and very gently wipe again with a fine layer of oil.
  • Leave to cool slowly – Do not cool with cold water (this can buckle the pan).
  • The more often a skillet is re-seasoned the better the skillet will perform.

Caring for your pan

  • Carbon steel will rust if left wet for too long. For best results wash your skillet in hot water and dry up thoroughly after use and store in a dry place.
  • Steel pans can be re-seasoned after every use if desired and re-heating in the oven with a little oil after cleaning is a good idea.
  • Do not put your skillet in the dishwasher – it will rust.
  • Do not use detergent or excessive soap.

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