Working closely with Laplace, the architectural studio behind Farm Shop London, who were keen to explore the concept of growth and process from both a farming and artistic point of view, all of the artwork in the Farm Shop was commissioned from Royal Drawing School alumni.

Over a two-day period they were given the opportunity to absorb, capture and celebrate life on our Somerset farm using a variety of mediums. Their stunning work can be found throughout the shop.

“It was incredibly exciting to be able to work with Artfarm and Hauser and Wirth on this project. In mid-September we invited 15 alumni artists from the Royal Drawing Schools postgraduate programme, The Drawing Year, to visit Hauser and Wirth Somerset. The visit granted the artists amazing access to be able to draw directly from the animals, produce and landscapes at Durslade, as well as working with the Sustainable Growth Director, to learn about the culture and ongoing work at Artfarm.

In total, over 300 works were made in a two-day period. The artists responded not only to the direct experience of being onsite but also to the brief and vison set by Luis Laplace. The works capture the energy of being onsite and are in many cases quite raw, direct responses to the various subjects encountered. Materials were also a very important consideration, and we wanted the works to be sympathetic to the feel of the new space. The drawings produced are firmly rooted in the materials of their making; ink, chalk, marker pen, and torn paper all feature, showing an important connection with the physical process of making. As a reaction to what can often be a quite traditional approach to images of pastoral scenes, many of the drawings made are cheeky, and full of humour and wit."

- Fraser Scarfe 

View all the FARM SHOP London artworks here

Royal Drawing School Alumni

Leon Pozniakow | The Royal Drawing School

Fraser Scarfe | The Royal Drawing School

Jessica Jane Charleston | The Royal Drawing School

Tyga Helme | The Royal Drawing School

David Gardner | The Royal Drawing School

Jack Fawdry Tatham | The Royal Drawing School

Jack McGarrity | The Royal Drawing School

Christabel MacGreevy | The Royal Drawing School

Rosie Vohra | The Royal Drawing School

Ranald Macdonald | The Royal Drawing School

Katy Papineau | The Royal Drawing School

Louise Reynolds | The Royal Drawing School


Current Postgraduate Students 

Oliver Williamson 

Kevin Abimiku

Chengwei Xia