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Woodsmith Applewood Chips


A brilliant firewood that is great to use for smoking and cooking as it burns hot without much flame. It also adds a mild smoky flavour with a hint of sweetness. 

These applewood chips pair perfectly when cooking with poultry and seafood, but works beautifully with just about anything. 


We deliver to every postcode in the UK with our logistics partner DHL.

Free delivery for orders over £75. 

For orders under £75 we charge £5.50 for standard delivery and £9.50 for Saturday delivery. 

To guarantee Saturday delivery, orders should be placed before 9am on Friday.

Our chilled items are packed using environmentally friendly Woolcool and biodegradable ice packs.   

From time to time delivery may take an additional day due to seasonal variations or volume. If you are ordering for a gift or a dinner party we advise to always allow an extra 24 hours. 

It is important that all meat products should be refrigerated as soon as you open your consignment.

Product Details

How to Cook with Wood Chips 

When paired with charcoal, these wood chips add a burst of flavour to whatever you are grilling. 
To use them to their full potential, take a handful of chips and soak them in water for 20-30 minutes before you start cooking. 

When your charcoal is lit and ready to cook on, drain the chips ensuring to shake off any excess water. Scatter the wood chips over the charcoal, and within a few minutes they will catch and start to smoke. The chips will smoke for approximately 15 minutes so they are best suited for quick grilling. 


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